Sculpting Process

How does it all happen?

John Kessler’s studio is located 200 feet from his home in the Pikes Peak region of Colorado. Because of the size of the pieces, he spends most of his time working outdoors. You will often find John hammering, chiseling, sawing, grinding, and or polishing in any kind of weather. Cranes of all sizes are often involved.

marble delivery10-07 006 marble delivery10-07 004


And sometimes temporary shelters are constructed to work in cold weather.

polar bear almost #2 004   polar bear done 002



Delivery & placement. The sculptures find a new home.
polar bear done 016 schiffer  polar bears 007

Marble delivery. This stone shows the weight 25,260lbs

marble delivery10-07 010Two ravens sculpted from black steatite and their nest.

schiffer ravens 001






Carving obsidian with an apprentice  🙂



new red limestone and black pearl bears 043






Some deliveries are more challenging than others.

This is a five foot cougar being lifted over a house.