Featured Stones

*Obsidian Lava*

Origin: Yosemite National Park region of California

Description: A rare volcanic glass that formed under water. This is a unique source and supplies are limited of this stone.

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*Colorado Marble*

Origin: Marble, Colorado

Description: Nearly pure white marble prized for its carvability. Well know monuments made from Co. marble are the Lincoln Memorial and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Washington D.C.

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*Red Limestone*

Origin: Pikes Peak region of Colorado

Description: Very dense macritic limestone. Can be considered a type of marble. Shows details of the carving well and some stones have a wood-like grain in the striations.

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*Black Pearl Steatite*

Origin: Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia

Description: A harder soapstone. Colors range from dark gray to deep green to black depending on finish and stone variety. Some white marbling does occur. This is a historic stone not only tracing its roots back to the corner stones of Independence Hall in Philadelphia but also to the Native American tribes of the Appalachian region. Prized it for its carvability, the Shawnee and Cherokee used the stone for pipe bowls and ornamentation.

This was the stone that inspired John Kessler to begin sculpting.

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